Who We Are

Legacy-building starts small.

Nearly a century ago, one man’s dedication changed the way we perceive waste disposal services. Beyond garbage pick-up, John Coulter created an everlasting business model focused on care and compassion for our neighbors. Deeply rooted in family, our past guides us into a promising future of continued contribution and dedication to our communities. Today, you’ll see a robust company of over 600 people working to maintain the PDC/AREA commitment and customer service that was established years ago. Yet, we still plan to expand and grow throughout Central Illinois and the Midwest without losing sight of our humble beginnings. Our mission is synonymous with the values instilled in us from origination.


Integrity to always do what’s right.

Trust in our process to reliably serve our communities.

Collaboration in welcoming new ideas.

Sustainability in thinking & working effectively for a cleaner future.

Safety in mind for every employee & customer.  


It all started with a man and his truck; and we’ve grown to serve more people with heart, grit, and perseverance—the same formula used by John all those decades ago. Our close-knit bond is reflected in the work we’ve already done and the exciting plans to come. Together, there’s no telling how far we’ll go and what milestones we’ll reach in our partnership towards a brighter, cleaner future for all.

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