PDC® and AREA® companies are committed to ecological practices that ensure environmental sustainability for future generations.

Curbside recycling programs offer residents a convenient way to recycle glass, aluminum, and newspaper.

Landfill systems, which include multiple layers of synthetic and clay liners, as well as leachate collection and detection systems, ensure groundwater safety.

A Landfill Gas-to-Energy system at Clinton Landfill, Inc. converts landfill gasses (LFG) into green electrical energy.

Wastewater treatment techniques enable PDC and AREA Companies to process up to 100,000 gallons of oily wastewater, restaurant grease, interceptor wastes, machine coolants, and more.

Transfer stations allow waste to be consolidated onto larger trucks for transport to more distant landfills, thus saving the fuel needed to power multiple smaller trucks.

PDC Services, Inc. – Compressed Natural Gas Services
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) keep our trucks running clean while minimizing use of non-renewable resources.

Why compressed natural gas?


Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an affordable alternative compared to diesel fuel. CNG cuts fuel cost while delivering the same power and performance.

Natural Gas Is ABUNDANT

North America natural gas reserves are estimated to last more than 100 years.  Natural gas is also renewable from landfills and biomass.

Natural Gas Is CLEAN

Natural gas vehicles exceed the EPA Tier 4 exhaust gas emission requirement without expensive technology.

Natural Gas Is DOMESTIC

America imports more than 50% of its crude oil.  Natural gas comes from domestic supplies right here in North America