PDC/AREA believes in preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. We made a recent investment of $3.5 million dollars in our recycling processing center located in Pekin, Illinois. We provide collection and recycling processing services to residents, businesses, and industries in the areas we serve. As one of the largest environmental projects in our history, we were able to do a complete equipment overhaul and add jobs to our community.

PDC truck picking up recycling

We are here to make our communities better places to live.

We service more than 150,000 homes in 60 different municipalities in Illinois and Missouri.

We service more than 5,000 commercial accounts.

PDC/Area Disposal employs over 600 team members.

Our fleet consists of 300 trucks; 10% are run on compressed natural gas!

We process over 100 tons of recyclables a day. 

We processed 40,000 tons of recyclables in 2018 at our material recovery facility in Pekin, Illinois.

We offer customized waste and recycling solutions for the following:

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Recycling allows us to turn waste into a viable resource.

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