Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Treatment through PDC/AREA Companies is your safe, environmentally friendly disposal method for liquid waste.

The PDC #1 Landfill facility just west of Peoria, Illinois, operates an Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Plant (IWTP). Our pretreatment discharge permit, number 01-1631, is issued by the Greater Peoria Sanitary District and conforms with all federal and Illinois regulations.

We are fully permitted to handle oily wastewater, restaurant grease, interceptor wastes, machine coolants and liquid waste from metal washing operations. And with 400,000 gallons of tank capacity, our non-hazardous treatment facility can process up to 100,000 gallons of liquid per day.

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Our Treatment Process

Our process generally begins with gravity separation in our 150,000-gallon batch tanks. Three layers develop: tramp oils on the top; treatable water in the middle; and heavy solids on the bottom.

Treatable water is removed. Additives are introduced to adjust pH, precipitate solids and break oil emulsions. A polymer is introduced to coagulate pollutants, which are then mechanically separated from the water. After treatment, the water is tested for contaminants and discharged into the Greater Peoria Sanitary District system.

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