PDC/AREA is a local leader in waste disposal, which means one of our top priorities is protecting the health of the environment and our residents. To help keep that promise, we have adopted a strict management policy which entails compliance with all environmental regulations. 

Our first line of defense is the Waste Acceptance Committee, an internal group of environmental experts that review and approve of specific characteristics within the waste stream. The committee’s decisions are always based on sample testing conducted by PDC Laboratories.

With stringent fate control procedures and 100% testing of bulk loads, PDC/AREA can help ensure that no unauthorized waste is deposited, while the perimeter fencing prevents unauthorized access.

For more information about each landfill or transfer station including hours of operation, disposal pricing, and material acceptance, please select the desired location:

Clinton Landfill

Hickory Ridge Landfill

Indian Creek Landfill

Morgan County Recycling and Transfer Facility

Wigand Recycling and Transfer Facility

Household Hazardous Waste- Area

Household Hazardous Waste- PDC

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