Earth Day Isn't Just Another Day

April 21, 2021

What is Earth Day? Earth Day is an annual day of recognition held on April 22 to support environmental protection. The movement started in the 1970s and is celebrated by more than 1 billion people today! You can learn more about global Earth Day initiatives here. 

Every day is Earth Day at PDC AREA Companies! Our job is to help keep communities clean. Since 1928, we have protected and preserved the areas we serve! 

We provide curbside recycling services to more than 50,000 households in central Illinois. In 2020, we processed approximately 40,000 tons of material at our recycling facility, Area Recycling, located in Pekin, Illinois! With your help, 80 million tons of material was diverted from our landfills in 2020!  Watch this video to learn about the recycling process from start to finish. 

How can you help celebrate Earth Day? 

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