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Are you new to PDC/AREA Disposal?
  • If you’re not sure about the service locations for your area, visit our homepage and enter your address.
  • To learn more about how it all began, click here for our history page.
Why is the company name different in my area (not PDC Services, Inc. or Area Disposal Service)?
  • Over the years, we have acquired many hauling operations to grow our service areas in Illinois and Missouri. We still have the same commitment to integrity, trust, collaboration, sustainability, and safety.
What are the observed holidays?

If your regular pick up day falls on or after a holiday that falls on a weekday, service will be delayed one day. When in doubt, please leave your garbage out on our normal pick up day.

  • Our observed holidays:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

Residential Services

When will my garbage, recycling and yard waste be picked up?
  • Find your schedule by entering your address on our homepage!
  • We cannot guarantee an exact time every week.
  • Please have garbage to the curb before the curb time for your area on your pick up day.
  • If your regular pick up day falls on or after an observed holiday that falls on a weekday, service will be delayed one day.
    • Our observed holidays:
      • New Year’s Day
      • Memorial Day
      • Independence Day
      • Labor Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
      • Christmas Day
Does my trash need to be in bags or containers?
  • Yes, we require trash to be collected in trash bags or containers before placement in the outside carts.
Do you take electronics?
Do you take oversize or bulk items?
  • These items require advance notice for pick up. Acceptance varies by community and city contract. Please contact your local facility for any additional charges or to schedule a pickup.
  • Mattress should be wrapped in plastic if signs of bed bugs or if rain is in the forecast. If the mattress is saturated in water due to weather, the driver will be unable to take it due to weight.
Am I allowed to put paint in my trash can?
  • Lead paint is not accepted and you can not put any liquid paint in your trash can.
  • Non-lead paint must be completely dried out before going in the trash container. To achieve this, mix with shredded newspaper, kitty litter, or a drying agent from your local hardware store.
Do you pick up yard waste or storm debris?
  • Yard waste is only available seasonally in some areas. Please contact your local office to see if yard waste service is offered in your community.
  • We do not take storm debris, the city or village you reside will coordinate clean up efforts if they determine a need. Please check your city or village website. 


What is an administrative fee?
  • This charge covers the cost of generating paper invoices. This fee is aimed at driving down costs through paperless billing. Customers can eliminate this charge by signing up for paperless billing by contacting a customer service representative. 
  • When our customers sign up for paperless billing, PDC/AREA benefits from reduced postage and invoice processing fees. We are pleased to pass these savings along to our customers by waiving the fee following two steps:
    • Enrolling in Paperless Billing
    • Making Payments with e-checks or ACH payments
How can I pay?
  • You can pay via check, e-check, card payments, or enroll in autopay! We are experiencing delays receiving payments in the mail. If mailing a check, please plan a few extra days for payment to reach us. 
  • We also offer paperless billing! You’ll receive a bill straight to your email. Enroll now or call us during regular business hours!
  • To enroll in autopay, click here or call us!
  • Do NOT pay through . This website is not affiliated with PDC AREA Companies
When will my account be charged for autopay?
  • Your account will be charged on (or around) the 17th of each month.
How can I access online bill pay?
  • Click here to access the online bill pay portal!
When is my payment due?
  • Payment is due within thirty (30) days of bill date. Finance charges will be applied to the account balance at a rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month the account is overdue. Please refer to your bill or call a customer service representative about your billing cycle. If payment is not received, service will be on hold until payment is made.
What is a convenience fee?
  • Effective January 1, 2021, there will be a fee applied to process payments over the phone or at an office.
  • Ways to pay your bill to avoid this fee:
    1. Pay online at
    2. Setup autopay through your bank
    3. Mail check payment to 32289 Collections Center Dr. , Chicago, IL 60693-0332


What can and can't be recycled?
  • The list of accepted recyclable items varies by location and contract. For an exact list of items that can be recycled in your area, please check your local facility.
  • Glass acceptances varies by community and contract. Please check with your local office or check the recycling guidelines on the top of your recycling cart. Area Recycling, Inc. located in Pekin, Illinois has a glass drop off container available during business hours. 

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